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When you are setting up an event or organising a construction site, toilets may be the last thing on your mind. This is why portable toilet hire services are a lifesaver, and we are a leading company in this field.

There are many reasons why you may need to hire chemical portable toilets in July 2024. These can be a very convenient addition to your event and are commonly used on construction sites for the safety and comfort of all workers. As a leading portable toilet hire company, we can provide the best service for your needs and have served people all across the region.

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Toilet facilities are used by everyone, and they are required on most sites, including working sites. If you are running an event, they can be a great addition and will ensure the highest comfort for guests. There are many reasons why you may need portable toilets, and we are here to help you.

If you want to work with the leading company in portable toilet hire, then you have come to the right place. To learn more about our toilet hire service and how we can help, please get in touch with the team today.

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Why Use Us?

We are a leading company in portable toilet hire and serve many sites across this region with our toilet hire service.

Our company specialises in providing portable toilets to a range of premises, ensuring that the highest standards are met every time. Everyone needs to use the toilet, which is why you should have toilet facilities on your site. With portable toilets for hire, you can have a temporary solution to this human need and ensure everyone on your premises is safe and comfortable.

We offer flexible and cost-effective portable toilet hire in Leicestershire, which has allowed us to work in all kinds of locations. Our team specialises in toilet hire, which ensures we work to the highest standards for every client who needs to hire a portable toilet for their site.

All of our hire toilet facilities meet health and safety standards, and we have a range of portable toilets available to hire to suit all needs. Many benefits come from hiring portable toilets on sites and at events.

If you choose to hire a portable toilet company, it can be cheaper than having mains-connected toilets. Using a portable toilet can also be easier to manage with large crowds, and our toilet service is available to event planners as well as construction sites.

Our portable toilets can handle the supply of large events and construction sites, ensuring everyone has a safe and clean space to use.

Whether you are looking to hire portable toilets for a wedding, large public event or to use during work on construction sites, we can help. Over the years, we have worked with all kinds of sites across Leicestershire and continue to be a leading provider of hire toilets in the region.

We offer a standard portable toilet for hire as well as being able to meet other toilet needs, such as offering disabled toilets. Disabled toilets are required for large events and can be a good addition to a wedding to ensure facilities are accessible for everyone – after all, everyone deserves access to a clean toilet!

Our team can also provide additional servicing of our portable toilets to ensure they remain safe and clean. We work to meet the highest standards of hygiene in every toilet, ensuring our portable toilets can be used for professional or private purposes. We offer a flexible hire period to all our customers, allowing you to have access to the facilities you need for as long as you require.

When it comes to loos, we have you covered, and our team can even offer next day delivery to sites in Leicestershire. We are open Monday to Friday, including Bank Holidays, and guarantee excellent customer service every time.

To learn more about our opening hours, check out our website.

If you are interested in hiring our toilet service for your project, please get in touch so we can help. Leave your details in the form below.

15 Years of Experience

We have been working in this field for over a decade, ensuring we have the skills necessary to provide the best service to our customers as well as the best loos in the business.

Our team is fully qualified and can offer not only the delivery and installation of portable toilets but also servicing when required. We have a range of portable toilets available to hire, including disabled toilets, as we understand that everyone needs access to loos no matter where they are.

Over the years, we have delivered toilets in Leicestershire, helping everyone from those hosting a wedding to construction and development sites. We have a great supply of portable toilets at all times and will deliver the unit to your site at a time that is convenient for you.

We are proud of our leading service and continue to be one of the leading portable toilet hire services in Leicestershire.

Nationwide Delivery

We are a leading portable toilet hire company based in Leicestershire but do provide hire toilets to all regions. We have hired toilets to sites across the UK, whether this is construction sites or event locations, giving people access to the facilities they need.

Portable toilet hire is a highly flexible service and offers many benefits, compared to having mains connected loos on your construction site or at your event. We understand that there are many premises across the nation that can benefit from the service that we offer, which is why we deliver our chemical portable loos to all regions at the time you request.

We have a supply of portable loos, allowing us to deliver units to various sites at your convenience. As we carry such a large number of units across the UK, we can offer a great delivery service to all sites.

Our team will deliver the necessary equipment to your site in any region and assist with the installation and servicing of our loos to ensure hygiene standards. You can search our large range of units on our website and see what works best for you.

We aim to supply the best equipment to our clients every time, which is why we have a large supply of chemical portable loos available at all times. We even provide the toilet roll, ensuring all of your needs are met when you work with us for toilet hire.

No matter where your project is, we can guarantee a great service and aim to deliver portable toilets to all regions in the UK.

Please speak to our team today regarding your project and the location to see whether we can help. In many cases, we can offer our portable toilets with next day delivery in the South East so contact us today to learn more.

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Portable Toilet Hire Costs

The cost of portable toilet hire can vary based on your needs.

We provide portable toilet hire in Leicestershire and can deliver to other regions in the UK based on our supply. The cost to hire portable toilets will vary based on your location, as well as the number of units you need.

Hiring portable toilets is more cost-effective than using the mains-connected toilet for an event. It will save you time and ensure the event remains safe to use portable toilet hire instead of relying on one toilet that may already be there, which is why portable toilet hire is a popular service.

To start your online order and learn more about the costs of our toilet equipment, check out our website. You can also contact us to learn more about our toilet costs or request a free quote.

Commercial Toilet Hire

We offer commercial toilet hire for clients in Leicestershire and a range of other regions in the UK.

When working on a construction site, you need to provide facilities for your staff, and portable toilets are the way to go. With our range of portable loos for hire, we can meet all your needs and ensure you have access to what you need during this time.

We can provide safe and clean portable toilets with a hot water supply for the highest standards of hygiene when on the job. We have delivered portable toilets to all kinds of commercial locations, including construction sites.

Having toilets on the building site is difficult to do from the mains water, which is where portable toilets come in very useful. We offer portable toilets to the construction industry and are the leading supplier of these facilities to construction workers in Leicestershire.

With a toilet on site, it will be easier to meet deadlines and maintain high levels of productivity. This is because construction workers will not have to leave the development site to use the toilet, allowing them to maintain good timing and continue their work faster than having to use facilities off-site.

If you want to add a toilet to your construction site, then portable loos are easy to install and maintain. All our portable loos are fully serviced to ensure you can focus on the construction project on hand – we will assist with any issues you may come into and ensure that our toilets operate safely.

All of our construction portable toilets come with the necessary services, including working flush, locking door, and full water supply to maintain hygiene standards.

We can deliver portable toilets to your site to ensure you are prepared for work and will collect them when the construction site is no longer in use at the end of the project. If you want to hire portable toilets for commercial purposes, such as for construction work, then you have come to the right place.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can assist you and the range of services we offer.

Event Toilet Hire

Toilet hire is a great service for event planners, as it allows you to provide the full range of facilities to your guests. With a portable toilet hire company, you can maintain good health and safety standards during any event and prevent people from blocking the mains drainage.

We have a great range of portable toilets available to hire for all events and can deliver throughout Leicestershire to suit all needs. As well as offering portable toilets to hire, we also provide all servicing necessary to guarantee things will run smoothly.

No matter the event, we understand that it can be difficult to provide facilities for everyone, which is where portable toilets come in very useful. With our flexible hire periods and next day delivery, we can meet all the needs of event planners.

You will find our portable toilets at events in Leicestershire, including large events such as festivals, because we guarantee the best service in this field. Not only do we have a great range of portable toilets available to hire, but we can also supply hot water and all other necessary services within our units so you can provide the best service to your guests.

From weddings to festivals, we have the right portable toilet to hire from our base in Leicestershire. Each with a functioning flush and a locking door, you can have a full range of units delivered to your site to provide your guests with the best experience possible.

If you are throwing an event in Leicestershire, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to see how we can help. We have a range of units available at all times and can offer full servicing at your event to maintain safety standards.

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Emergency Toilet Hire

If you live in Leicestershire and are experiencing issues with your toilet, we can help.

Portable toilet hire is not just for construction sites and event planners, as we can also provide a portable toilet to homes that are having plumbing issues. If you are based in Leicestershire, we can provide next day delivery for all our portable toilets to assist you during this time.

We can also provide ongoing servicing to ensure you have access to a working toilet when you need it. Whether you need one unit or multiple portable toilets, we can help and can offer speedy delivery to clients in Leicestershire.

Portable toilet hire can give you access to the facilities you need when dealing with construction in the home or plumbing issues. We will provide a portable toilet and full servicing to any customer who requires it, including residential addresses in Leicestershire.

Portable Toilet Delivery

We offer portable toilet hire in Leicestershire and beyond.

We can provide nationwide portable toilet hire but guarantee next day delivery for customers in Leicestershire. Our servicing can assist with any issues you may have with our units, and we can offer an emergency service to those in Leicestershire as this is where our company is based.

Our company can meet the needs of any project with our portable toilet hire services. Please get in touch with our team today to see how we can help and what we can offer at this time.

You can also request a free quote by providing your details in the contact form.


What do you do with the waste from a portable toilet?

A portable toilet is self-contained, which means when you flush this kind of toilet, the waste does not go into the main sewer line as with a standard toilet. Instead, the waste is carried to a holding unit beneath the portable toilet, and all portable toilets are fitted with this.

This holding tank will need to be emptied, which is something we can offer with the servicing of our portable toilets. For long-term portable toilet hire, we can connect our portable toilets to the mains, so the waste goes into the sewer with every flush.

How often do you need to empty a Portaloo?

The standards in Leicestershire claim that a portable toilet should be emptied once a week. For large events, portable toilets may be emptied more frequently.

If a portable toilet is connected to the mains, they do not need to be emptied. This is something we can do with our portable toilet hire.

What are mobile toilets called?

Portable and mobile toilets are the same things, and there are many other terms for them.

As a portable toilet hire company based in Leicestershire, the most common name for portable toilets we hear is Portaloo.


If you are looking for portable toilet hire in Leicestershire, then you have come to the right place.

We are a leading portable toilet hire company based in Leicestershire and can provide a range of portable toilets nationwide. There are many benefits that you can experience when you hire portable toilets for your event or workplace, as this is a very convenient option.

It can also be the most cost-effective to hire a portable toilet, as well as ensure the highest standards for those involved. We understand that there are many purposes for portable toilet hire, which is why we have a large supply of toilets available to our customers nationwide.

For those based in Leicestershire, we can offer emergency portable toilet hire and provide toilets on next day delivery.

Regardless of your needs, we are a leading name in portable toilet hire and aim to provide the best service to our customers across the country. If you require portable toilet hire, please get in touch with us today to learn more about what we do.

We can also offer a free quote for our portable toilet hire services, so get in touch today.

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